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Carpet cleaning is one of the most neglected areas of cleaning today. This is surprising considering how important it is. Even with regular vacuuming, dirt still accumulates on top of your carpet. When you leave dirt there long enough, it will become ingrained into the carpet. Then the only way to clean it is with heat and chemicals which can damage your carpet.

No matter how challenging you try to keep your carpet clean, it is likely that years of use, walking, splash, muck, grime, dust, and anything else that is in the air have accumulated on your carpet. Considering it took years to get your carpet this dirty, what can you expect out of fast carpet cleaning– is it totally worth it?

Probably the most crucial thing to realize is which carpet cleaning method to pick– there are a few different ones on the market. Dry cleaning, using a steam cleaner, or getting a carpet cleaning company that handles fast cleaning by a professional are all options. Remember, no matter what chemicals you put into your carpet will quite likely stay there.

Dry Carpet Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

There is one important thing to consider here: when you get a fast carpet cleaning, you are not getting the inmost possible cleaning. Having said that, that should be common knowledge. What isn’t common knowledge is that steam cleaning your carpets doesn’t in fact use steam at all. Those machines that you purchase or rent from the store, as well as the ones used by professional cleaners, actually use hot water. You do see vapor from the water, but it isn’t used to clean anything.

Instead, the machine uses a solution of warm water and spray detergent that activates on the carpet fibers, and after that, the vacuum sucks up the water so that your floor isn’t saturated. Note that your floor will still have some moisture.

Dry carpet cleaning, on the contrary, is likely to use chemicals that many strongly believe impact the environment and even the health of your home. It is important to note that some chemicals are much worse than others and more professional carpet cleaners will not likely use chemicals that will harm you. Nonetheless, dry carpet cleaning doesn’t often tend to get as good of a clean, however, they take about the same amount of time to do.

Obviously, with steam cleaning, the drying time is longer just because you are using more water that goes deep into your carpets as opposed to just reaching the top of the carpet fibers.

Fast Carpet Cleaning Without Chemicals

Definitely, cleaning is typically much easier when there are chemicals being used, but you have to hedge your bets when it comes to what chemicals you use. The most effective carpet cleaning companies will use cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and don’t use dyes or perfumes. You still get the fast and deep cleaning, but you don’t get any of the extras.

With regards to a professional carpet cleaner putting to use a steam cleaner for fast cleaning, the hot water, and the power behind the professional tools are normally enough to drench any chemicals out of the carpet. The models that you can rent at your local grocery store or buy at a big box store often don’t have the power, which is why you use diluted cleaners that don’t do as good of a job.

If you just want something that looks cleaner, you can use a home carpet cleaner. However, for something that is cleaner, stays cleaner, and is healthier, you need professional deep cleaning.

Fast Carpet Cleaning: Anticipated Wait Time

Despite having the fastest carpet cleaning in Burleson, TX, it is still and all advised that you stay off of cleaned carpets for up to 24 hours after the cleaning is finished. This is because the carpet is delicate when wet, and walking on it may do permanent deterioration. Even worse, any stains that may occur during this time are more challenging to get rid of. Sometimes, primarily for natural fiber carpets, they will wrinkle – however, this is more a problem for area rugs.

For the fastest carpet cleaning, you want to call a professional – this will ensure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and will dry faster thanks to a better vacuum. Even better, the professional will can give you an estimate for when you can walk on your carpets ever again; you won’t have to guess for yourself.

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