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Area Rug Cleaning and Repairs

Area rugs are one of the most beautiful decorative items in a home – and the most useful. However, just like our other rugs and carpets, area rug cleaning and repairs become necessary over time. Even better, quality area rug cleaning and repairs can extend the life of your favorite accessories, keeping them beautiful, vibrant, and safe for your home.

However, one of the most important things you need to do is ensure that all area rug cleaning and area rug repairs are completed by professionals that know what they are doing – especially when it comes to high quality, vintage area rugs.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning and Repairs

Professional area rug cleaning and repairs help your area rugs to look brighter and cleaner and smell fresher than other rugs. This process helps your rugs to become as beautiful as they once were and still maintain the qualities that you love – like the softness and the patterns. Reputable area rug cleaners can extend the life of your rug and even improve the value of it – especially if you have an heirloom area rug or expensive Oriental rug. Of course, deep or set-in stains or extensive rips should always go to professionals right away, do not try to clean or repair anything by yourself.

The best area rug cleaning and repairs companies will have the tools, knowledge, and equipment needed to tackle all of the problems with your area rugs. People have been using area rugs for hundreds of years, so they should know almost every problem you have. At a minimum, they should be able to handle stains, dye stability, water extraction, dust removal, and dirt elimination. When you get your area rug back, it should look visibly brighter and feel different as well.

Area Rug Cleaning Companies

More often, area rug cleaning is the first service that is requested. Sometimes, machines and vacuums cannot do all of the cleanings, and a hand cleaning method is required. This happens with delicate area rugs that use expensive or fine materials like silk. Hand cleaning area rugs takes more time because it requires dry dusting, washing by hand, extracting water, hand grooming, hand drying, and even repair without using tools.

Area Rug Deodorizing

Area rugs that have been passed down over the years often have a lot of smells ground into the fibers – smoke, mold, pet smells, foods, and just about anything else that could be on there. You may not smell it, but it is certainly there. Eliminating these odors can be difficult because the most effective cleaning methods might destroy them completely.

Some smells are worse and harder to eliminate than others, so try to get an idea of what could have caused the smell if you can. Look for companies that use gentle, safe methods – especially if you have pets or children in your home.

Area Rug Cleaning: Stain Protection

If your area rug is in a part of your home where it gets a lot of traction, you may want to consider stain protection. This will not only keep the integrity of the rug in check, but it can keep it looking like new. This is a popular choice for commercial locations and businesses.

Modern area rugs use stain resistant technology that offers lower absorbency of spills, which minimizes the chance of stains. However, you have to be careful when cleaning that you don’t change the chemistry of this technology.

Area Rug Mothproofing

Especially if you have an Oriental rug, you want to ask about mothproofing. This can help to keep your carpet free of moth holes, no matter where you store it. Sometimes, you can’t use mothballs or other store-bought methods, especially with older, more delicate area rugs.

Most mothproofing companies guarantee their work for 3-5 years. Some carpet cleaning companies will include it in their regular services.

Area Rug Repairs

Since area rugs tend to get quite a bit of use on a daily basis, they have to be repaired every so often. The area rug repair process is delicate and requires the rug company to match the style of the rug when doing the repairs. Sometimes, they even have to do more damage before they can fix the rug.

Some of the service more area rug repair companies include are:

  •         General Repair
  •         Fringe and Edge Repair
  •         Weave Repair
  •         Re-Piling
  •         Re-Dyeing
  •         Stretching and Sizing

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